Monday, December 01, 2008

Boho: No-GO

I was happy to finally come across a print version of Boho magazine in San Francisco over the weekend, but my pleasure was short lived. I may be hyper-critical, but I had much higher expectations of this allegedly eco-conscious magazine with a "new american spirit." While the paper may be recycled, the magazine itself is lacking in useful content.

The fashion, for the most part, is lacking in environmentally friendly clothing, and, well, is just plain weird. There are a few exceptions that are quite beautiful, but these pieces are far outweighed by hippie clothes with no hints of modernity. The best part of the magazine is an article about Teens for Safe Cosmetics, a wonderful activist group. Unfortunately, other articles in the magazine seem to forget the aims of this group, on one page suggesting products that contain harmful ingredients, on another advocating semi-permanent lash enhancements. I'm sure that glue is not the healthiest thing in the world! The gift guide is so-so, but I'm sure it is blown out of the water by other magazines like Plenty.

I guess I just see no reason why this magazine needs to be printed. It is so hard to tell the content from the (too frequent) advertisements, they would probably do just as well staying online. I will not be purchasing this magazine again, and sadly, this issue is going right into the recycle bin.

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