Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time to Start Dropping Those Jewelry Hints

I usually make my morning coffee at home with my old-fashioned Italian stovetop espresso maker, but I ran out of beans last week. Instead of rushing out to buy new brew, I have placed an order with Grounds for Change, thanks to Miles. So, this morning I ventured across the street to grab a latte at Starbucks.

Each week I look forward to seeing the new Good Sheet in my local Starbucks or online. In this edition about the "Holiday Economy" I learned that jewelry sales in November and December of 2007 were $9.3 billion. That is a lot of jewelry. A lot of expensive, run of the mill rocks mined using unfriendly environmental practices that are then made fancy by workers not earning a living wage. This year make a better decision for the world and your wallet: Melissa Joy Manning. MJM believes in "ethical business practices and green resources" and all of its beautiful workers make a living wage and have better benefits than I have. The company is also dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, education and the environment through its philanthropic ventures.

But really, I would not be telling you about these business practices if the jewelry was not truly spectacular. I realize not everyone likes the dirty look of a raw diamond or a freeform necklace made from bright pink calcite, but I personally have not seen as many unique and colorful pieces as the company makes. Even the hoop earrings are special and reasonably priced.

This year, if everyone bought their jewelry online from Melissa Joy Manning, saving 15% using the code "artisan," I bet we might actually reduce the $12.8 billion of debt incurred during the last two months of 2007!

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